Bright Falls Episode 6: Clearcut

The sixth and very last episode of Bright Falls called “Clearcut.”

Episode six is the last episode. Before you watch episode it, make sure you’ve seen the previous episodes.
1. Oh Deer | 2. Time Flies | 3. Lights Out | 4. Local Flavor | 5. Off the Record

The time for curiosity, exploration, and mystery solving is over. Self preservation has kicked in, getting out is all that matters anymore.

Previously I expressed a fear that Bright Falls would fail to live up to the promise it first showed. As I watched episodes one and two, I remember thinking “there’s no way it will stay this good.” Sometimes as you watch a great film, you can’t help but wonder how they’re going to mess it up. The sense of excitement, the fresh atmosphere, the new and mysterious characters…most times progressing through sadly diminishes these attributes.

I’m happy to say Bright Falls is even better at the end than the beginning. Everything I loved about it from the first episode remained true to the last. Each new turn showed off another great side, a trick I wasn’t expecting it to pull. Now that the series is over, we can all breathe a sign of relief. Way to not screw it up, Bright Falls. We can chalk this up to ways you’ve outdone your predecessors. Continue reading Bright Falls Episode 6: Clearcut

Bright Falls Episode 5: Off the Record

The final episode of Bright Falls are finally upon us. Episode five is called “Off the Record.”

Before you watch episode five, make sure you’ve seen the previous episodes.
1. Oh Deer | 2. Time Flies | 3. Lights Out | 4. Local Flavor

There’s no turning back now. Off the Record gets right down to business. Jake wants answers, and he’s running out of time. The episode continues the series trend of uncompromising development. There isn’t a second of filler. Every single frame, sentence, character action – they’re all there for a reason.

Unlike the other episodes, this one focuses on a single mystery and really drives it home. Rather than continue asking “why” or “who” and getting vague answers, we’re going to find out “what.” What is Jake doing when he blacks out? What is going on in the time lapses? What specifically is happening to him?

As we find out, it might be safer not knowing. Continue reading Bright Falls Episode 5: Off the Record

Bright Falls Episode 4: Local Flavor

Well look at that! Bright Falls actually shows up on Xbox Live on time this week. Hopefully that trend will continue next week. If they’re sticking to the schedule they originally announced, the last two episodes should go up a week from today. In the mean time we’ve got the fourth episode, which is called “Local Flavor”.

New to Bright Falls? Bright Falls is a series and this is episode four so you really don’t want to start here. The other episodes are all online, so start from the beginning and make sure you don’t miss anything. Episode 1: Oh Deer, Episode 2: Time Flies, and Episode 3: Lights Out.

After spending some time with Sam and Daniel last episode we’re right back to following Jake. Local Flavor was notable for having a good deal of both funny and frightening moments, even though it was only four minutes long. Sometimes those moments even overlapped, which isn’t an easy thing to do. It’s a real testament to the series that it can pack so much into such a tiny package.

“The plot thickens!” is pretty much the Bright Falls motto – however, after three straight episodes of fleshing out the mystery, the pieces are finally starting to come together. Many of the characters are still a complete mystery, but the time lapse clues are droping right into place. With only two installments remaining, I think we’re deep enough into the series to formulate some solid theories. Continue reading Bright Falls Episode 4: Local Flavor

Bright Falls Episode 3: Lights Out

There’s a brand new episode of Bright Falls that seems to have hit the web before Xbox Live. Not sure what’s going on over there…anyways the episode is called “Lights Out.

If you haven’t already watched them, the previous two episodes are also available. Episode 1: Oh Deer and Episode 2: Time Flies

This episode is a little different in that it focuses equally on Jake as well as Sam Smith (Cooper Huckabee’s character). Seeing what Sam’s up to while Jake isn’t around is revealing, as I’ll get to in a moment. The tone remains very suspenseful without the usual scare moment we’ve come to expect. A nice way of mixing things up.

As with each episode, the more we learn the less we know. The characters are front and center in Lights Out. We knew there was something not to be trusted about the people of Bright Falls, but now it’s a question of who to trust the least. Motivations are really starting to come into question. Everyone is suspect, although I’m starting to change my mind about a few of them. Continue reading Bright Falls Episode 3: Lights Out

Bright Falls Episode 2: Time Flies

The second episode of Bright Falls is called “Time Flies”. If you haven’t already seen it, make sure you watch Episode 1: Oh Deer first. Anyways, here’s episode two:

This episode delivers on everything Oh Deer did, but in a fundamentally larger way. We’re getting a lot of elements of the mystery, but each clue seems to only burden us with the overwhelming weirdness of the world…and I mean that in the best way possible. You would think these new details might lend a sense of stability or normal-ness, but it turns out Bright Fall is a lot more demented than anyone could have seen coming. Continue reading Bright Falls Episode 2: Time Flies

Bright Falls Episode 1: Oh Deer

The first two Bright Falls episodes are up! The first one is called “Oh Deer.” For ease of comments we’ll put the first episode up here and do another post for the second episode.

Episode 2: Time Flies came out today as well.

I have to say, I’m personally really surprised at how good it is. Video game tie-ins don’t have a great history…and after the other Twin Peaks promise who’s name I won’t mention I was really skeptical. That’s a lot to live up to! Continue reading Bright Falls Episode 1: Oh Deer