IMDB hasn’t added an entry for Bright Falls (although they have one for Alan Wake!) so we’ve compiled the names responsible. UPDATE: Now there is!

Director: Phillip Van
Director of Photography: Lyle Vincent
Executive Producers: Rhea Scott, Tomer DeVito
Line Producer: Sean Blair
Production Manager: Kimi Porter
Production Designer: Travis Zawirny
Costume Designer: Susan Chan
Production Company: Little Minx, Los Angeles

Jake Fischer: Christopher Forsyth
Ellen Adams: Allison Lange
Dr. Emil Hartman: Bruce Katzman
Sam Smith: Cooper Huckabee
Deputy Mulligan: Robert Peters
Rose Marigold: Merette Bartles
Alan Wake (Actor): Ilkka Villi
Alan Wake (Voice): Matthew Perreta
Alice Wake: Emily Peterson
Deputy Janes: Edric Carter
Hal: Tom Noonan
Shel Dyck: Kathleen Lundquist
Ralph: Robert Turner
Daniel Smith: Liam Moser
Smith Mott: James August
Juanito: Hervin Perez
Crystal: Paige Jones
Petey: Galen Finn
Grey: Derek Ewell
Woman in Record: Jean Van
Woman in Diner: Marilyn Hickey
Mechanic: JJ Johnston
Man with Beard: Edward Stiner
Busboy: Rafel Torres
Stunt Driver / Stunt Coordinator: James August Smith
Casting by Mary Vernieu

Editorial, Post-Production, VFX & Motion Graphics by Beast (San Francisco)
Editors: Connor Mcdonald, Nikki Winig, Brian Lagerhausen
Asst Editoris: James Cohen, Jason Hinkley
Executive Producers: Jon Etiinger
Producer: Ben Somkin

Motion Graphics Lead: Joe Macken
Color: Dave Burghardt
Additional Compositing: Eric Pascua
Executive Producer: Jon Ettinger
Producer: Ben Somkin
Main title created by: MK12
Main title produced by: The Ebeling Group

Music: Black Iris
Music Producers: Jonathan Fuller, Daron Hollowell
Mixer: Joaby Deal @ One Union Recording
Sound Designer: Joaby Deal @ One Union Recording
Audio producer: Lauren Mask

Agency: agencytwofifteen, San Francisco
Executive Creative Directors: Scott Duchon, John Patroulis
Associate Creative Directors: Mat Bunnell, Nate Able, Ben Wolan
Copywriters: Mat Bunnell, Phillip Van
Art Directors: Nate Able, Ben Wolan
Agency Producer: Joyce Chen
Executive Producer: Hannah Murray

Bright Falls was filmed in Oregon and Washington using Red One digital cameras.