Bright Falls Analysis on Double Feature

Need a little more Bright Falls chat in your life?

The Shining + Bright Falls

Double Feature is a weekly podcast (like a free internet radio show) that puts two films back to back and discusses just what makes the films so awesome. I (Eric Thirteen) host the show along with Michael Koester. We’ve bent the rules a bit this week to include Bright Falls on the show, despite the fact it’s not exactly a film. We’re pairing it up with Kubrick’s The Shining.

The discussion on Bright Falls starts around 34:15 and last until the end of the show. There’s not a lot of in-depth stuff for people who read this blog, but there’s some great surface discussion. Michael had never seen Bright Falls before, we we talked a bit about beginning theories and how someone might begin to solve the puzzle. We also focused on some of the film making aspects of the series that I don’t often get to write about here.

A little warning – the episode is spoiler inclusive and fairly vulgar. Unnecessarily vulgar, even.

Grab the episode for free on the website. If you know someone who’s just seen Bright Falls for the first time, by all means send them the link. If you like the show yourself, subscribe in iTunes! We cover a new set of films every week.