Alan Wake Novel

That grand theory post is coming! There’s a draft of it sitting right here, it should only be a few more days. I’ve been busy this week securing some very cool stuff for this site – more on that later. As you may have guessed, I’ve also been distracted playing Alan Wake!

Novel Alan Wake Rick BurroughsFor those of you who love Bright Falls but aren’t into gaming, there’s now a way for you to enjoy the story of Alan Wake without picking up a controller.

Tor Books has published an Alan Wake Novel. It’s written by Rick Burroughs, and covers the story of the Alan Wake game. At 320 pages and only $10, there’s really no reason not to check it out. I haven’t gotten my hands on one yet (they just came out today!) but I can say the video game’s story is pretty incredible.

In a previous post on Gaming and Art I wrote about an ongoing debate on whether gaming can be considered a valid art form. Personally I think dismissing gaming (in the way Roger Ebert famously did) only shows an ignorance regarding how far the medium has come.

One often underestimated component of modern video games is how deep and complex their stories have become. Alan Wake is only one of several games to recently receive the novelization treatment. The mere fact that it could be made into a novel should prove that it has a story comparable to those told in other mediums like film or television.

Pick up the novel on Amazon and let us know what you think!