Phillip Van Bright Falls Atmosphere Video

It’s been several days since the Bright Falls series finale finally went up (you can view all the episodes now). As I continue to prepare an upcoming post on the mysteries of Bright Falls, I have another way for everyone to get their fix: The Bright Falls Atmospheres Montage!

This all new footage can be found on director Phillip Van’s Vimeo page. It’s presumably a complication of location footage they shot before the actual series to help narrow down the feel they were looking for – although it’s also possible that it’s extra footage taken during filming. Some of the best parts of the series were the setting and cinematography, so it’s pretty exciting that an additional feature like this exists.

The series was shot in Oregon and Washington using incredibly powerful Red One digital cameras. While I can’t say for certain, it looks like this footage was shot on Red as well. Using the same slow, creepy camera work as the series itself, the atmosphere video has a very similar look to the final product. It’s a great way to take a trip back to Bright Falls.