High Resolution Bright Falls Cover Art

The Double Feature page for the Bright Falls episode now includes high resolution cover art!

Last year the film podcast did a lengthy analysis of Bright Falls for their The Shining + Bright Falls episode. They just put up a new website, and one of the features is full-on 1000 x 1500 pixel movie cover art. Every single episode has downloadable poster art, and that includes the cover art for Bright Falls!

The image looks like it’s a slightly altered version of the teaser movie-poster mockup that has been featured on the IMDB page as well as IGN.com. It’s a real clean version, without all the text and whatnot on the bottom.

This would be perfect for your own version of the Bright Falls DVD you’ll never be able to buy at retail. Head over to the site to get the full resolution image. It’s about half way down the page.