G4 and David Lynch

David LynchJake Gaskill did an excellent writeup for G4 on his first impressions of Bright Falls.  It rehashes what seems to be an obligatory comparison to David Lynch before recapping the first two episodes. The article is fairly surface in its analysis but promises to revisit the series with each new episode.

But while we’re on the subject…what about David Lynch?

It’s curious how frequently Twin Peaks seems to be thrown around, something this site is just as guilty of. While I’ve also made my case for the uniqueness of Bright Falls, I do understand the comparisons.

The cause is likely two fold. For starters, Bright Falls is new and requires a sort of elevator pitch to help explain it to new audiences. Two, something as weird as this drives viewers to look for familiar ground. In a world full of mystery and horror, a point of reference can help us gain some footing.

You can read the full G4 article over here: Impressions: First Two Episodes Of Alan Wake Prequel, Bright Falls