Bright Falls Episode 2: Time Flies

The second episode of Bright Falls is called “Time Flies”. If you haven’t already seen it, make sure you watch Episode 1: Oh Deer first. Anyways, here’s episode two:

This episode delivers on everything Oh Deer did, but in a fundamentally larger way. We’re getting a lot of elements of the mystery, but each clue seems to only burden us with the overwhelming weirdness of the world…and I mean that in the best way possible. You would think these new details might lend a sense of stability or normal-ness, but it turns out Bright Fall is a lot more demented than anyone could have seen coming.

The last episode left an eerie, tense feeling about the community and this episode brought that front and center. I won’t go into the specifics (it’s five minutes long, watch it already!) but I think it’s safe to say the levels or real terror and panicked insanity are officially off the charts.

These episodes really deserve some in-depth discussion. There’s a lot of clues to puzzle over and various things that need dissecting. It’s probably still a little early for for an overall theory, but just between these two episodes you can already see things coming together. Upon re-watching, even some of the sequences that don’t seem to make sense actually have a few great reference points in the very same episode.

Over the next few days watch this site for more specific discussion. For now, convince some of your friends to check this out and see if they have any thoughts to contribute.