G4 and David Lynch

David LynchJake Gaskill did an excellent writeup for G4 on his first impressions of Bright Falls.  It rehashes what seems to be an obligatory comparison to David Lynch before recapping the first two episodes. The article is fairly surface in its analysis but promises to revisit the series with each new episode.

But while we’re on the subject…what about David Lynch?

It’s curious how frequently Twin Peaks seems to be thrown around, something this site is just as guilty of. While I’ve also made my case for the uniqueness of Bright Falls, I do understand the comparisons. Continue reading G4 and David Lynch

Bright Falls Episode 2: Time Flies

The second episode of Bright Falls is called “Time Flies”. If you haven’t already seen it, make sure you watch Episode 1: Oh Deer first. Anyways, here’s episode two:

This episode delivers on everything Oh Deer did, but in a fundamentally larger way. We’re getting a lot of elements of the mystery, but each clue seems to only burden us with the overwhelming weirdness of the world…and I mean that in the best way possible. You would think these new details might lend a sense of stability or normal-ness, but it turns out Bright Fall is a lot more demented than anyone could have seen coming. Continue reading Bright Falls Episode 2: Time Flies

Bright Falls Episode 1: Oh Deer

The first two Bright Falls episodes are up! The first one is called “Oh Deer.” For ease of comments we’ll put the first episode up here and do another post for the second episode.

Episode 2: Time Flies came out today as well.

I have to say, I’m personally really surprised at how good it is. Video game tie-ins don’t have a great history…and after the other Twin Peaks promise who’s name I won’t mention I was really skeptical. That’s a lot to live up to! Continue reading Bright Falls Episode 1: Oh Deer

Bright Falls Website Online

Deerfest Wallpainting
The new Bright Falls website is finally online. BrightFalls.com

Although the videos will be available on Xbox Live April 26th, they should appear on the website the following day.

EDIT: The site includes the videos everyone was expecting, as well an additional audio-scape and pandora integration. Interestingly there’s also a section called Alan’s Story which appears to have additional clues about what led up to the events of Alan Wake. New clues are being unveiled as the “episodes” air.

The Alan Wake Live Action Prequel

Trailer for Bright Falls

Bright Falls is a mysterious six part mini-series set in the quiet Pacific Northwest town of the same name. When a reporter enters the town as an outsider, he quickly discovers there is something disturbing under the surface. You can watch all six episodes of Bright Falls in order here.

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